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J-Movies : GTO ~ Great Teacher Onizuka New Year (2013) [MB]

Aka 「GTO」正月スペシャル! 冬休みも熱 授業だ
Rating Asianwiki : 95/100
Release Date : 2013-Jan-2
Genre : Drama, Comedy, School
Stars : Akira, Miori Takimoto, Yuu Shirota, Yusuke Yamamoto
Episode : Complete
Subtitle : Indonesia, English

Sinopsis :
In the special’s story, Onizuka throws a Christmas party for his students before the winter break, but Miki (played by Mariya Nishiuchi) alone feels depressed. Additionally, Miki and her classmates attend a short cram school session during winter break featuring a new handsome teacher (played by Hiraoka). Also, Onizuka’s policeman friend Saejima Toshiyuki (played by Yusuke Yamamoto) rescues a mysterious woman named Maria while on patrol, and he finds three abandoned infants at Maria’s apartment.

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